Hollywood Needs Excuses

This past weekend Disney’s Mars Needs Moms made its box office debut.  It bombed..Bad! The movie cost 175 million dollars to make and it brought in a whopping 7 million dollars and is no doubt considered one of disney’s biggest flops.  Disney high up’s are left wondering what happened?  I know the answer, it’s really a simple answer.

Mars Needs Moms is quite possibly the worse title for  a movie ever made.

It’s awful.  Why would kids want to go watch a movie where the trailer shows a boy’s mom being kidnapped and the title suggest that Mars is kidnapping every kids mom.  I cannot stress strongly enough how bad this title is.  Another funny thing is Rob Zombie just had a song on his last album called Mars Needs Women where the chorus goes like this, “Mars needs women, Angry red women”.  It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and now when I see Mars Needs Moms, I think of Mars needs women, then I think of Rob Zombie, then I think of one of my favorite movies The Devils Rejects. Parents my age may have the same opinion and may not want to take their 6-year-old to see it.

So Hollywood wants to blame 3D prices and the economy when really all they have to do is look at the name.

Movies are making more than ever now, except the bad ones, But Hollywood doesn’t want to admit that they make bad movies.

That’s my thoughts on the subject.  Who knows if this movie is any good I couldn’t find anybody that had seen it.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time……….Go See A 3D Movie!




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  1. I was shocked to see how little this movie made. I agree that it has a weak title. I also don’t think Disney promoted this one like they have many of their other movies. I know around here I barely saw a commercial for this movie. I did see the preview in theaters and I actually wanted to see it. Yes, big horror fan who also loves Disney, go figure. Looks like kids saw Rango instead. After watching the preview for that, I had no interest in it so again I was shocked at how poorly Mars did. And welcome to the blogging world!!!

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