A Quick Movie Review Of WaxWork (1988)

Well here it is Thursday.  That means tomorrow is Friday the day everybody (or most everybody) looks forward too.  I have been busy this week with different projects.  I finally got my art put on some kick @$$ bottle cap necklaces and can’t wait to put them in my ETSY store, which I will post a link to as soon as I get one.  Other than that I did get to watch a movie that is streaming on Netflix instant watch and that movie is called WaxWork!  So here is what I thought…

WaxWork (1988)

This movie stars Zach Galligan which you will probably remember from Gremlins.  I never got the chance to see this movie so I was glad when I saw it on Instant Watch.    The movie is a simple premise where there is a wax museum and a group of High School kids is invited to it as a “special showing.  Once the kids get there they go through the halls and kind of separate to look at the displays.  In different situations the kids always seem to break the velvet rope barrier and are transported back in time to where ever the scene may be.  So this gives a chance for us to see werewolves, vampires, zombies, and monsters!

The idea for this movie is cool and it is pretty well done, the makeup in parts is a bit cheesy but not bad.  It kept my interest until the end and then it kinda gets crazy and lost me in parts.  All in all go watch this movie, especially if you like a good old-fashioned 80’s movie!

There is a sequel to this one and it is also streaming so I hope to see it soon! Let me know your thoughts!

That’s all  I got for now so until next time……I’m out!



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